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Australia’s latest digital signage platform. Easily create, manage, and display compelling content to one or thousands of screens in just a few clicks.

Clients we’ve helped

Digital signage is suitable for any business that wants to engage with clients. The power of digital signage to get messages across to clients and keep them informed about new services, product features, and special offers is often more compelling than any static signage or traditional marketing method. Some of the recent clients we have worked with would agree with this.

Retail Digital Signage

Improve the retail shopping experience by automatically captivate a shopper's attention with Digital Content.

We can help you create an impressive viewing experience to make your merchandise more attractive.

Quick Service Restruants

Deliver compelling images and information. Want to update your pricing or have a seasonable menu, you need a digital signage solution.

We can help you, increase speed and accuracy, maximize profits and develop a premium brand image with our Digital Signage Solutions. Capture people walking past your premises with a premium signage experience.


Develop an environment to Empower productivity and collaboration. Display dashboards, dynamic content that empowers your team.

Display heads up displays, news articles or a feed from our social media account of recent posts. Our Digital Signage Solutions can keep your team informed and engaged.


Keep customers informed about your services. Have long wait times in a waiting room and want to engage with customers while they wait?


Our digital signage solutions can cater to a single display all the way to 1000+ setups. Our easy to use Content Management System (CMS) gives your business the ability to tailor what assets appear when and for how long.

  • Enterprise platform includes our standard set of Platform Features. Enjoy the many features of our CMS that our Digital Signage Platform has to offer.
  • Account Management, we want to ensure you are getting the most out of a platform. We will help you to implement marketing campaigns on our platform.
  • Design Management, our team of creative designers will help implement your campaigns and assist with any design work. We can tailor images and video to create compelling campaigns on our platform.
  • Display and manage content across multiple sites. Our Enterprise CMS will give you the tools to handle various locations and various displays from our web browser platform. Deploy content with one click!
  • API Integration, our software development team, will help integrate content from your software to create dynamic content within our CMS. We have helped real estate agents list there latest property listings on our platform.
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Enterprise Hospitality

Platform Features

Flexibility to display content

Our content management system offers familiar tools to create content, upload, and manage across all screens. Play images, video, youtube videos, webpages, and links with ease and offline capabilities.

Offline Content

Our digital signs support offline working, progressive downloading and WebSocket communication. We want to ensure that your sign continues to play content even if your internet has stopped working or your connection to the internet is not the best.

Playlists and Scheduler

We have complete flexibility as to what and when content is displayed to your clients. Want to run a promotion for one day or at lunchtime only, our playlists and scheduler can tailor experiences where your message is seen at the correct time.

Professionally Installed

We can install Australia Wide. Our team of installers and project managers will design and propose a digital signage solution to suit the signage location.

Media specific players

Our digital signs can take advantage of hardware acceleration, this ensure smooth transitions between slides, video and static images.

More Power on your hands

We have built an ecosystem between our signage content management system and the displays onsite. From our centralized control panel customers are able to trigger commands on the signs to turn off the displays, turn on the displays, increase brightness, and see what is displaying on the screen.

Indoor and Outdoor

Facing direct sunlight in the afternoon or want people at the bus stop next to your shop to see your digital signs, we have Samsung® displays to suit all environments. We have partnered with Samsung® commercial displays to ensure you get the latest in digital display technology.

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