Introducing Trucell Media’s Latest Outdoor Digital Signage Solution.

Featuring Samsungs latest outdoor display technology.

A standalone outdoor signage solution with optimised visibility and most importantly, IP56 certification to withstand the elements and people!

We have found several clients looking for more creative locations to install outdoor digital signage. Several clients were ultimately concerned that if they were to implement Outdoor Digital Signage, it would be damaged by the public or by mother nature.

We later converted these people into clients by providing a Samsung Outdoor Display. The technology and peace of mind with Samsung Asset Protection Plan as well as our latest content management system helped to convert the leads into sales.

Foot on Outdoor Digital Signage

Do you have any doubts?

We had our doubts. If you don’t believe all the marketing material. We visited Samsung to check out the signage in person to see if it is as strong as they make out it to be.

The team at the Samsung showroom were more than welcoming, they wouldn’t let me take a bat to the screen but they did give us a quick demo. Samsung reps also recommended that any Trucell Media clients who want to see the display capabilities are more than welcome to visit the showroom.

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Check out Samsungs video.

Samsung released the following promotional video illustrating the features of Samsungs new range of Outdoor Digital Signage Displays. Check out the features and let us know what you think.

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